Mom and I wanted to share our experience from both sides of addiction. The disease of addiction is still pretty misunderstood.

We want to write for everyone who suffers from any kind of mental illness and wants to be in recovery.

My road to recovery has been full of bumps and bruises. Getting sober wasn't easy. I know it's a miracle that it happened. I read a daily meditation that sticks in my head. It talked about how coming into recovery is like coming in from a blizzard. Blizzards are cold, dangerous, and lonely. We have to focus just on staying alive, which is similar to addiction. Someone offers us a coat and a chance to get out of the cold, maybe we've said no to the help a bunch of times before but for some reason the circumstances are just right and we accept the coat. Even if it might be obvious that we should accept help we don't, the addict overrides common sense.

I've done a lot of things my way and have discovered that for the most part my way sucks. I definitely get "insanity", doing the same things over and over expecting different results. I do that a lot. Sometimes even if I know what the outcome's gonna be.

I'm hoping to share my experience, strength, and hope through this blog. I want people to know that there is a life beyond addiction. That it's possible to rebuild relationships, to experience happiness, to do stupid things and learn from mistakes, to recover. I don't do things perfectly (as I'm sure you'll soon see) but I think sharing my experience will be helpful.