Her Dad, his wife, Avery and I sat out on the deck and talked about what the next step should be. Avery seemed small, sad and very resigned. I was just so happy she was back and alive. We all agreed on a recovery center that was in CA. The sooner, the better. We made all the arrangements and I dropped Avery off at the airport two days later and said a prayer she would get to California and find recovery.

Again, there is such a sense of relief when you know your loved one will be safe for at least the next 30 days. That's not to say it's a complete sense of relief, because there is always a chance she could walk off. But his was the first time she was saying that she needed and wanted help. Avery is great at making friends and a fast learner, but was she serious about recovery?  It seemed like CA agreed with her and things were getting better. While she was working her program with addiction from drugs, she shifted control issues to food. While in CA, she sought out a program for eating disorders. When I talked to her, she was always upbeat and talked honestly about her struggles. I was glad to hear her thriving, while still battling with issues.  I visited her while she was in CA and she really seemed as ease and it was nice to have her in charge and showing me around.

When your child is away from home, it's a little easier to be hopeful.  I talked to Avery about once a week, and again, she always seemed positive.   I was left to fill in the blanks, and I could either be fearful, that she would relapse again, or be hopeful, that she was working hard to maintain sobriety and regain herself.  Thankfully, I was working a program myself.  I think it was helpful for me to remain positive and supportive and not ask too many questions.  My job was to listen and try to understand and most of all to let Avery know she was loved and not alone.