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Each kit includes: a journal with contacts page and calendar, gel pen, Soduko/crossword/puzzle book, water bottle, lip balm, tissues, lavender lotion, postcards, bookmark, lollipops, and a drawstring backpack.  The Recovery Kit is shipped FREE using USPO 2 day Priority Shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States.

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Product Description

Avery went to five treatment centers over the years. The first one was in Minnesota, she detoxed in Chicago, and the rest were in California. I kept thinking about what I could do, or send her, to show that I cared. I asked my friends to send her cards to encourage her and she appreciated that. But, I wanted to send her something more helpful. She described her time at treatment as difficult, personal, and a struggle because she still wanted to use.

Avery was employed by the first recovery center that she attended. So together, we put together a kit of things that people don't even know that they will need when they are going through recovery. Each item was picked to keep the mind, mouth, and hands busy with helpful, healthy things to do that de-stress the body.

The recovery kit includes:

  • Italian UltraHyde Journal — has contacts page, calendar, and privacy closure
  • Gel Pen — makes writing easy with a soft rubber grip and black gel ink
  • Puzzle Book— 64 pages of crosswords, word searches, and sudokus... keep creating new neurons
  • Water Bottle — stay hydrated with a 28 oz, BPA-free container. For water. Not vodka
  • Lip balm — soothe your lips and soul with natural beeswax mint lip balm. And stay sunburn-free since it has SPF 15
  • Kleenex — for those unexpected waves of emotion or an unfortunate cold
  • Lavender Hand Lotion — de-stress with this all-natural, smooth and light lotion. Put it on your hands at night to breathe in good dreams
  • Postcards — got something short to say? Send away!
  • Bookmark with the Serenity Prayer — good to say daily
  • Lollipops— to keep your mouth busy
  • Drawstring Backpack— large inner compartment with a front slash pocket and side water bottle mesh pocket. See... all your sh*t fits in one bag!