Another memory I have from high school is sitting in my car at lunch with four other ladies. We each had a bowl packed and we started the stoner circle. Literally, take a hit, pass the bowl, get the next chick's bowl, and begin again. WAY more weed than was necessary to just get high; moderation has never really been my thing I guess.

I could see that in the way I took other drugs, too, which happened not long after I started smoking weed. I’m not saying weed is a gateway drug (although the argument could be made..) but it definitely puts you in contact with people who may have more propensity to also have other things. Pills were always fun when they were around and they were usually around when someone had any minor injury or could get into their parents medicine cabinet or knew someone older with a prescription. I remember feeling like I won the lottery when I got my wisdom teeth pulled and mom let me keep the bottle.

Psychedelics were good too when they were around, especially in the summer when I’d be out all day and not have to report to anyone. We’d go to a park, eat some shrooms, and hang out on the grass (no pun intended). I have literally no idea how mom didn’t know about this. I remember being really messed up a majority of the time in high school especially towards senior year. I never thought of myself as sneaky but apparently I’m one deceptive son of a bitch.