Our Story

The idea of Hope & Joy first started as a store.  We wanted to serve the recovery community with gifts and cards to give each other as inspiration.  The more we talked about it, the more we refined our idea of “what would really help?” and “what is our ultimate goal?”

The one thing we both had in common in going through our experiences is that we felt so ALONE.  Who was safe to talk to?  I don’t know what to do?  But shame and guilt kept us from reaching out for the help we needed.  We want to open the doors of conversation, where people can anonymously join the discussion, tell their stories and ultimately not feel alone.

It is our hope that this website serves the recovery community and brings compassion and awareness to those who suffer from mental health issues.  This is not an arena for judgement, guilt or shame and all comments made in that vein will be removed.

About Sally

  • Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me:  The gift of having 5 kids
  • Biggest Secret:  I don’t have a belly button
  • Favorite Food:  Sushi
  • Favorite Beverage: Bubbly water. Because I like to burp.
  • Fears:  Ventriloquists and clowns
  • Favorite Joke:  Horse walks into a pub and the bartender says, “Aww, why the long face?”
  • Heroes:  Brene Brown, Fred Rogers, Mary Oliver, and Richard Rohr
  • Most Fun Summer Job:  Guessing people’s Age and Weight at King’s Island in Ohio
  • Favorite Thing To Do:  Go sailing. Anywhere.
  • Pets:  2 chickens (Sweet and Sour), 1 dog (Nala)

About Avery

  • 3 Words That I Hope Describe Me:  Good friend, thoughtful, genuine
  • Favorite Place To Be:  Outside, always. All things outside.
  • Favorite Tattoo:  (I have many.)  The quote on my ribs that says “love binds us all together in perfect harmony”
  • Pet:  I have a cat named Luna Ray who chases shadows and tries to climb up door frames
  • Joke: What’s Jackie Chan’s favorite drink? WA-TAHH!
  • Pastime:  I really like documentaries and podcasts and totally geek out when I learn new information
  • Injuries:  I’d never broken any bones, until that one time I broke both of my arms…